Beta Projections and Artifacts from Earth

Beta Projections and Artifacts from Earth

Posted On: December 12, 2006
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Blue Star Contemporary Art Center is pleased to present Roy LaGrone: Beta Projections and Artifacts from Earth on view November 2, 2006 through January 14, 2007. The exhibition presents the work of Italy-based African American media artist Roy LaGrone. Through the use of computer-generated prints, animation and video “he blends discarded artifacts and the technological to explore issues of 21st century displacement and renewal”.

Roy LaGrone’s Beta Projection Series, premiering in Blue Star’s Project Space, is a suite of transmutated prints that derive from found artifacts (small bits of refuse on the streets of San Antonio) and function as conduits for healing. LaGrone’s experimental new body of work is rich in social meaning and compositional inventiveness, representing a stylistic breakthrough that he continues to refine again and again and again.
The exhibition and the work takes you to a parallel universe. You look at the past, the present, and the future simultaneously, said Bernice B. Appelin-Williams, curator of the Beta Projections and Artifacts from Earth exhibition at Blue Star. Parallel universe or alternate reality in science fiction and fantasy is a term meaning: self-contained, separate reality coexisting with our own. This separate reality can significantly range in size from a geographic region to an entire new universe. Roy LaGrone’s work personifies the term alternate reality. LaGrone constructs intricate illusions of three-dimensional space, heightened with many layers of transmutated elements and references. His computer-generated forms (photomontage and video) represent the art of making do, the skill of seeing possibilities and the aesthetic of transforming trash to treasure.

Roy LaGrone: Beta Projections and Artifacts from Earth
Curator: Bernice B. Appelin-Williams
11.02.06 – 01.14.07
Blue Star Contemporary Art Center, San Antonio
116 Blue Star, San Antonio, TX 78204 – USA
Tel: 210.227.6960 – Fax: 210.229.9412

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