Posted On: November 7, 2006
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Comments: No Responses, a project by Garrett Lynch, is a cross between a browser and a streaming media player designed to view the internet as it really is, code or more specifically markup, not a series of web pages designed under a print metaphor. It makes no attempt to interpret the code into an organised layout as do conventional browsers, instead it displays the code as an audio-visual stream of indeterminate length.
Why reduce the internet to an audio-visual stream? Simply to provoke thought around our use and consumption of different media, linear push media such as television and non-linear interactive pull media such as websites, which have been converging for sometime now.’s purpose is to highlight the way we as users continually construct self made narratives when we use the internet through choices based on an interact / react model. It does this by removing our ability to chose and act on those choices. is available to download for Mac OSX 10.2+, Mac OS 8/9 and Windows 98 / Millennium Edition / NT 4.0 / 2000, or XP from the artists website: