The Upgrade! Lisbon

The Upgrade! Lisbon

Posted On: May 21, 2006
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Lisboa 20 Arte Contemporânea welcomes next Wednesday, May 24th, The Upgrade! Lisbon monthly gathering featuring Sofia Oliveira, executive coordinator of Atmosferas – Digital Arts Center. Sofia Oliveira will present Atmosferas as well as the winners of the 2005 edition of the Atmosferas Ideas Contest.

Skechter by Gonçalo Tavares
an extension to the Firefox browser

Re-cordis by Tiago Pedroso
a project about memory, based on text and image

See-Music by Maria da Gandra
a project exploring the relations between sound and image, through the creation of several systems for sound visualizing

Sofia Oliveira’s work within Atmosferas has been one of developing a platform for creation and reflection about the experimental aspect of new technologies, by directly supporting artists, producing workshops, starting an Ideas contest and putting up a tv show about the digital arts in Portugal.
She has also curated the online projects Gas and Memória and is developing a work and reflection platform dedicated to Processing, both a community and language for generative visual programming.

Upgrade! is an international, emerging network of autonomous nodes united by art and technology. Its decentralized, non-hierarchical structure ensures that each Upgrade! node (i) operates according to local interests and their available resources; and (ii) reflects current creative engagement with cutting edge technologies. While individual nodes present new media projects, engage in informal critique, and foster dialogue and collaboration between individual artists, Upgrade! International functions as an online, global network that gathers annually in different cities to meet one another, showcase local art, and work on the agenda for the following year. Upgrade! Lisbon is curated by Luís Silva.