Lost in Space

Lost in Space

Posted On: October 30, 2010
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Lost in Space is the most recent work by Richar Kolker:

“Deals with our relationship with our online selves explored through the loose narrative of an imaginary protagonist.

The global population of avatars is estimated to be well in excess of 200 million (higher if we include Facebook, Twitter profiles etc.) each with an identity that is neither completely separate from, nor totally unified with, that of its creator. The user accumulates experiences, memories and friendships as an avatar which are distinctly separate from those her/she has gained in the physical world. The player and the “player as avatar”, therefore, inevitably grow apart, and it is this physical / onscreen relationship that I am interested in exploring.

The images are constructed using 3D modelling and rendering software, and although they portray an imaginary location they reference the aesthetic and tradition of conventional photographic representation and at first glance can confuse the viewer into thinking that he is looking at a photograph.

The narrative, although ambiguous, builds upon the concept that paradoxically virtual time is rarely wasted – time “in world” accumulating assets, fighting enemies etc. is often a lot more predictable and certain than the precarious randomness of everyday life, where unforeseen events can often have catastrophic personal results.”